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Meet Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

Author Stephanie Pitcher FishmanMy story is pretty simple.

I am a 14-year homeschool veteran who was able to chase her dreams – and dead people – after my kids grew up. Now I get to write about the characters in my head and the dead people on my tree (and yours.)

I’ve been hunting through my family history since 1998, and around 2012 I began taking client work as a professional genealogist. I have too much fun discovering the stories of my ancestors. I initially shared them on a (now extinct) website called Corn & Cotton because my family is as heavily rooted in the corn fields of Ohio as they are the cotton fields in south Georgia.

I’m also a writer. I was that kid who loved words and stories, but it took me years to feel comfortable sharing my work or calling myself a writer – even after I had spent several years writing nonfiction for websites and magazines.

I initially began writing on the topic of family history for the homeschooling and parenting communities before branching out into writing – and lecturing – on a wider variety of topics for family history researchers like religious records and state-specific techniques. Over the last few years I’ve written a line of easy-to-use family history guides for those who are interested in learning more about their ancestors.

I’m most known for my novel, Finding Eliza. It’s a story that is very dear to my heart. It starts off as a fun and cozy family-based novel with Lizzie, our main character, diving into family history research at her grandmother’s urging. What she finds is a tale of forbidden love, tragic crime, and the challenge of forgiveness. I’m looking forward to writing more in this line as well as continuing the cozy thriller story I began with The Widow Teal.

Life also decided to add a twist to keep things interesting. Several years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well as several other chronic illnesses. Learning to juggle this with my writing and family commitments has been an adventure that is working its way into my nonfiction writing as well.

Because what I write is so connected to me, I like to say that I write fiction and nonfiction rooted in personal stories. I can’t wait to share them with you.

You can find more information about all of my books here.

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Official Biography

Stephanie Pitcher Fishman is an author and professional genealogist specializing in writing fiction and non-fiction rooted in personal stories.

She is the author of seven family history research guides in the Legacy QuickGuide series on topics including religious records, census records, and state-specific research techniques. She has also written articles and blog posts for websites such as and was a co-founder of The In-Depth Genealogist.

Since then, she’s branched out into fiction rooted in family story. In recent years, she’s also contributed to the chronic illness community by sharing her story and the stories of others dealing with illnesses such as fibromyalgia, anxiety, and more.

Her first novel, Finding Eliza, combines everything that she loves: family history, historical fiction, and strong female characters.