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I don’t have a big-named publisher or agent behind me which means that I have to do all of the marketing myself. Your word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing that I can use with the promotion of my work. No one cares what I say about it – of course I should like my own book! But, if a reader says that it’s good, then they listen.

So, what does it mean to be part of my Team Awesome?

My Part of the Deal

Because I am so thankful for your support, as a member of Team Awesome you’ll receive access to all of my back catalog of books as well as any that are published while you are a team member. You’ll also have a chance to be a beta team member reading the books during their pre-publication stage if you would like. I’ll also have some other fun surprises that will pop up from time to time like giveaways, video chats, private periscopes, and more!

Your Part of the Deal

As a launch team member, you agree to provide an honest review for any book or written work that you download. I’m not asking you to give a positive review to something that you didn’t like (though I hope you like it all!) I just want you to share your opinions honestly and respectfully on the booksellers’ websites that they are available on, currently being

You also agree to help promote sales, giveaways, etc. via social media, word of mouth, and/or email. I’ll provide you with sample tweets, status updates, graphics, etc. to make this quick, easy, and painless!

That’s it! I give. You help. Everyone is happy.

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