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Help Wanted: Alpha and Beta Readers

Help Wanted: Interesting people with a love of good stories, an open mind to various quirky characters, and a predisposition to slight sarcasm and fluffy books. Or family history. (I write that, too.)

Do you like to read? Do you like to read for free? Would you like to read MY books for free? If so, then you are perfect for the job!

Help Wanted: Readers!


Indie authors like me depend on our readers. We don’t work for big publishing houses. We work for you. We write because we love it. And, we grow our readership because our loyal readers share our work with others, not because some big PR manager has the perfect book tour mapped out for us.

We work closely with our readers, and we like it that way.

I’ve recently revamped my super awesome readers’ group and launch team, and I’d love for you to join me. What are these, you ask?

The short answer is that you can find more info here: Be Awesome.

What is SPF Readers?

This is a fun Facebook group where I share info about my books, ask questions and seek participation when I’m creating, and generally get great reading suggestions. All the things readers like. You’ll get special deals, giveaways, and more as part of this group. If you like my stuff, you’ll like this Facebook group.

Very little required, but a whole lot of fun. Join here: SPF Readers on Facebook

What is the Launch Team of Awesome?

Want to take it a step further and really support me as an indie author? Consider being a part of my launch team!

There are three ways that you can participate: Alpha Reader, Beta Reader, Launch Team Member. This allows you to participate according to your schedule or your preferences (since I write both fiction and nonfiction, you can choose how you participate by project as well!)

ALPHA READERS read work that is in progress, before a polish and edit, to help give valuable feedback on story and character development.

BETA READERS read work that has been polished, edited, and is nearly ready for launch. Tweaks may be made based on feedback. Beta readers share first reviews of the book.

LAUNCH TEAM MEMBERS will get free copies of finished work – fiction and nonfiction – in exchange for their honest reviews and promotions of the book. I’ll even provide the graphics and items to share, so it takes the planning out of it for you. Easy peasy.

We also communicate via a private Facebook group and email. I make it as simple as possible for you to have fun, read free books, and help me get my words into the world.

Does it sound like something you’re interested in? Get more info and sign up here: Be Awesome

About Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

Author Stephanie Pitcher Fishman writes fiction and nonfiction rooted in personal stories. Whether it's her best-selling historical fiction novel, Finding Eliza, about the effects of hidden secrets in a family tree or the stories of her own battle with chronic illness, she loves to share stories of real emotions with others. She also thinks that Joss Whedon can strike creative lightning at will.

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