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Family Story Toolkit: Using Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Fiction to Tell Your Stories

Family Story Toolkit: Using Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Fiction to Tell Your Stories
Series: Quick & Easy Guides for Genealogists, Book 4
Genre: Family History
Tags: Family History, Genealogy, Nonfiction, Quick & Easy Guides for Genealogists
Publisher: Rebecca Hills Books
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 17 pages
ASIN: B01725Q4LO
You've done the research. Now it's time to tell the stories.
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About the Book

You’ve done the research. Now it’s time to tell the stories.

Make your family history more interesting to your relatives by telling those tales in a style that they will enjoy. Just like in our genealogy research, writing requires tools and methods. In this toolkit, I’m going to give you three that can be used in both small and large projects as you find they fit.

Inside you’ll find:
• The basics of writing your story through nonfiction, creative nonfiction, and fiction
• Websites and tips to use while writing your own stories
• An example in each form to show you how fun it is to make your ancestors come to life through story.
• A way to further your storytelling adventure.

Bonus! Includes a link to a special FREE mini course!

About the Author
Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

Stephanie Pitcher Fishman is an author and professional genealogist specializing in Midwestern and Southeastern United States family history.

She is the author of seven family history research guides in the Legacy QuickGuide series on topics including religious records, census records, and state-specific research techniques. She has also written articles and blog posts for websites such as and was a co-founder of The In-Depth Genealogist.

Since then, she’s branched out into fiction rooted in family story. In recent years, she’s also contributed to the chronic illness community by sharing her story and the stories of others dealing with illnesses such as fibromyalgia, anxiety, and more.

Her first novel, Finding Eliza, combines everything that she loves: family history, historical fiction, and strong female characters.

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