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New books for 2017!

Let’s just get something straight from the beginning. A lot of 2016 sucked, and I didn’t have one drop of creative mojo flowing out of me.

Words were hard. Very hard.

New Books for 2017

But I survived and was blessed with a brand new baby monster who is now 5.5 months old (and adorable!)


Once upon a time there was this indie author who took a year off of writing, but that author had a very good reason.

And I’m back. šŸ¤˜

Posted by Stephanie Pitcher Fishman, Author onĀ Sunday, January 22, 2017


We’re full-force into a new President, new political challenges, new goals for a new year – any and all of the things that are probably taking up your time and mental energy as much as it is mine. I don’t know about you, but I need a break from it. I’m doing what I love to do most: I’m writing.

Here are some things to look forward to this year…

In February, I’ll be giving away copies of every book I’ve written. You heard me! Every one!


I’m projecting that the next installment of The Widow Teal, while greatly overdue, will hit the cyberstore shelves at the end of April followed by the final installment in the series by late May.

For fans of With Love, Your Dead Aunt, I’ll be finishing up that story as well in all its taxidermied quirkiness. Tentative release date falls somewhere during late summer/early fall. To get the early samples of this title, join my Team of Awesomeness on Facebook.

And, last but not least, all my friends who love The Gals better hold on tight. The fall season will end with a brand new book with Blue and all her cohorts. While the new novel won’t be a traditional sequel, I still recommend readingĀ Finding Eliza so that you get to know all of my crazy ladies.

To say I’m excited about this year would be an understatement. I’m a little giddy about it. To share my joy, I’ll be taking this show on the road with one of my favorite authors, Andrea Johnson Beck, for an event later this year. More information on that when we get closer.

Here’s my promise to you…

I’m going to bring you regular updates and surprise samples via this blog and my official author Facebook page. Peeps still hanging in there with me in my reader’s group will get some additional surprises, too. I’m counting on you to help me stay motivated and chatty (ie: kick my ass good if I disappear.)

I got away with it last year when my focus was on surviving a very high-risk pregnancy with complications. I did that, so now we write.

Stay awesome, my friends.Ā 

All my love, Stephanie XO

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Author Stephanie Pitcher Fishman writes fiction and nonfiction rooted in personal stories. Whether it's her best-selling historical fiction novel, Finding Eliza, about the effects of hidden secrets in a family tree or the stories of her own battle with chronic illness, she loves to share stories of real emotions with others. She also thinks that Joss Whedon can strike creative lightning at will.

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