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Help Wanted: Alpha and Beta Readers

Help Wanted: Readers!

Help Wanted: Interesting people who love good stories, have an open mind to various quirky characters, and an interest in reading my fiction first for free.

New books for 2017!

New Books for 2017

A lot of 2016 sucked, and I didn’t have one drop of creative mojo flowing out of me. Words were hard. But I’m back, so bring on the writing!

Ode to Old Mothers

Dear Old Mothers… You know who you are. We’re the ones they label as “advanced maternal age” – which is code for YOU ARE OLD.

My Research Method: Genealogy Style

My Family History Research Method -

Recently, I’ve been talking with friends about genealogy, specifically how we conduct our personal family history research. More than once I was asked about my personal research style (as opposed to how I researched for client projects.) Once I stopped giggling over the many jokes I could make about my scattered interests in time, place, and surname, it hit me. My method is one that can only be described as disorganized organization.

Book Review: Stone of Fire by J.F. Penn

Stone of Fire by JF Penn

Goodreads one of my favorite sites. It’s a great way to dis­cover new titles through book reviews and find new authors to follow. I’ve been blessed to find several of my favorite books with Goodreads. Stone of Fire (originally published as Pentecost) is no different. Joanna Penn is a UK-based author who is well known […]