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Writing Resources

Writing resources are just as necessary to our writing career as is cof­fee. You can say more, but I require a seri­ous amount of cof­fee.

Here are some of my favorite resources for writ­ers — whether you write fic­tion, non­fic­tion, blogs, or just jour­nal in the pri­vacy of your own world.


Resources for Writers


I also love to use Pin­ter­est to col­lect resources and good­ies of all sorts, espe­cially of the writ­ing kind. Check out more of my picks on the fol­low­ing boards:

 Writing Gen­er­a­tors & Prompts

Writer Igniter: I love this gen­er­a­tor from diyMFA. Need a jump start for your daily writ­ing or a flash fic­tion piece? Writer Igniter gives you char­ac­ter, sit­u­a­tion, prop and set­ting in a fun and easy gen­er­a­tor. It’s like play­ing the fic­tion slot machine (only you win every time.)

JAM’s Title Gen­er­a­tor: Author J.A. Mar­low has a fun and super sim­ple title gen­er­a­tor. Every time you refresh JAM’s Title Gen­er­a­tor you get a new list of titles. At least one title will spark and idea for me.

Lan­guage is a Virus: This is one that you need to just see to believe. It tends to load a lit­tle slow on my lap­top, but it’s worth it. Lan­guage is a Virus gives you a long list of gen­er­a­tors (some even genre-specific), a NaNoW­riMo word count gen­er­a­tor, word/text manip­u­la­tors (think word art), story prompts, writ­ing exer­cises, and more.

Use­ful Tools for Writers

Hem­ing­way: Need help dur­ing edits and rewrites? Lean on the Hem­ing­way app. It’s a great way to spot trou­bling sen­tences or other issues that affect readability.

eBook Tracker: Keep an eye on your books (or the com­pe­ti­tions!) through this handy and free online tool. eBook Tracker lets you set up groups if you have a series or an author you’d like to watch. This is going to be in my tool­box for mar­ket­ing analy­sis when I launch new books/series.

Bib­lioCrunch: Get­ting ready to self pub­lish? Bib­lioCrunch offers a way to match up with providers for edit­ing, cover design, and more. Pre­mium mem­bers get pro­mo­tion help and VIP help to answer all those ques­tions that pop up. Their blog is fab­u­lous, too.

Writer’s Knowl­edge Base: I love this search engine. Yes, Google rocks when you need an arti­cle or some inspi­ra­tion. How­ever, Writer’s Knowl­edge Base is per­fect for us. Curated con­tent on a vari­ety of top­ics spe­cific to writ­ing. Love it.

Favorite Web­sites and Blogs

This isn’t every­thing that I have in my Feedly at the moment, but they are at the top of the “daily reads” pile.

K.M. Weiland’s Help­ing Writ­ers Become Authors: I love her blog and books. I’m dying to take one of her (for fee) work­shops. If I need a jolt of infor­ma­tion to make me a bet­ter indie author by both craft or busi­ness, I go directly to this site.

The Blog of Eliz­a­beth Spann Craig: Her genre may be cozy mys­ter­ies but her blog is filled with infor­ma­tion for indie authors of all types. This is another of my go-to sites. I never leave regret­ting my time here (though I do usu­ally leave with a longer to-do list!)

Pos­i­tive Writer: The name says it all. Resources and thought-provoking blog posts writ­ten with writ­ers in mind in such a pos­i­tive way. We’re not here to fight against each other. We’re part of the same team. Pos­i­tive Writ­ers makes that team stronger.

IndieRe­Con: This is the best, FREE, online con­fer­ence for indie authors. Search for #indiere­con on Twit­ter. Missed the recent conference? Don’t worry! they rock so much that they have all the chats, videos, and arti­cles from the con­fer­ence archived on their site for you to enjoy on your own sched­ule.

Favorite Indie Publishing Pod­casts

Rock­ing Self-Publishing Pod­cast: I could lis­ten to Simon Whistler all day long… Don’t miss his show notes or his free resources. There’s gold there every week. Simon also offers a great free course on cre­at­ing your own author site, so be sure to check it out if you are head­ing in that direction.

Self Pub­lish­ing Pod­cast:  Boy humor with Johnny, Sean, and Dave. Oh, and some really great con­ver­sa­tions about self-publishing, pro­duc­tion, and cre­ativ­ity. There is a “lit­tle ears” warn­ing on this one. It’s explicit. No way around it. If you aren’t offended by the lan­guage and off-color remarks, you’ll glean a lot of good infor­ma­tion from three writ­ers who are mak­ing it work pro­fes­sion­ally and feed­ing their kids while doing it. *Be sure to check out all of their podcasts that are part of the Sterling & Stone network.

The Cre­ative Penn: Joanna Penn is just fab­u­lous. I love her books. I love her inter­view style. I love her thoughts and edu­ca­tion on where the indus­try is going. She spots trends and fig­ures out how to make them work for indie authors. Just do what she does. As with Simon’s RSP, don’t miss the show notes or her free resources. (I really wanted to include her site under the “web­sites” above, so pre­tend it’s listed twice.)


What would you add to the list? Let me know via the Contact Me! page.