Sometimes the Silly Putty Doesn’t Work


All of my writ­ing bud­dies and most authors that I’ve talked with have a “thing.” Some­times it’s music. Other times it’s a cer­tain type of drink that they have next to them in order to write. {HELLO COFFEE}

For me, it’s Silly Putty.

When I write, I pop and twist Silly Putty

Yep. That stuff you used to grab every Sun­day morn­ing along with the comics. That stuff that you’d string out and get into the car­pet mak­ing mom really, really mad. That stuff that got cov­ered with hair because you wanted to see what tex­ture the dog’s fur would make… but it backfired.

That stuff.

It sits on my desk next to my lap­top, wait­ing. I pop open the red egg when I sit down to write. Just squish­ing and pop­ping it helps me focus. I claim it helps with my mind that goes 800 miles per hour. If my hands are busy I can think more clearly. How­ever, I sus­pect it has more to do with my anx­i­ety. When I’m wor­ried that read­ers won’t con­nect with a char­ac­ter I can work out my frus­tra­tions with my hands and a glob of stretchy goo. When I’m irri­tated with a char­ac­ter — like I am with Har­ri­son most of the time — I can tear and rip into that goo instead of his non-existent fat-head face… sorry, got off track. (I’m mad at him today. Jer­rica dis­cov­ered a sweet note that he had writ­ten years ago while, hello, he is pre­tend­ing to be dead. How sweet is he? Not very.)

Today the Silly Putty wasn’t enough to get the words flow­ing, so I decided to pop onto the blog and see if the words were hid­ing over here. Appar­ently they were because now I can hear Har­ri­son and Mitchell fight a lit­tle bit. Man, are they grouchy.

I’m just under 13K words towards Jerrica’s story. I still don’t have an offi­cial title, but I’ll be blog­ging about it when I get there. I’ve decided to take a lit­tle more per­sonal approach and ram­ble through my book so you can meet the char­ac­ters as I do. Let me know in the com­ments below what you’d like to know about them.

Don’t for­get you can get a peek at them over on Pin­ter­est, too.


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    • says

      There’s some­thing great about hav­ing a stone to hold. I used to have some when I was younger that I loved, but I’ve lost them over the years. I keep look­ing for a nice river stone. I do have a piece of “my moun­tain” that sits on my desk near me. Per­haps it would work. (I grew up down the road from Stone Moun­tain in GA, so I have a piece of the gran­ite that I’ve brought back with me.)

  1. says

    They sure don’t have com­mer­cials like that any­more, do they? :)

    I was a lit­tle stuck in my WIP, so I decided to jump ahead to the big event that has been build­ing. I thought I would have to fill in some details/time, but once I started writ­ing, I dis­cov­ered that my char­ac­ter was in the per­fect time and place for it, even though I orig­i­nally had other plans!
    Stacy Claflin recently posted…New Release! Hid­den Inten­tions #ExcerptMy Profile

  2. says

    I used to have a pol­ished pink stone that calmed me and helped me think when I rolled it around in my hand, but after two moves in the last year and a half, I have no idea where it is. I think it’s time to look for it :)

    I’d love to know some of Harrison’s back story.
    Cather­ine Pendle­ton recently posted…I Have a Story – Part 4My Profile

    • says

      Cather­ine.… go check out the FB read­ers group in a few. I’m post­ing some­thing about Har­ri­son for you. Not so much back­story (yet) but a glimpse into his per­son­al­ity that I wrote yesterday. ;)

    • says

      Cof­fee is def­i­nitely accept­able. I approve. Espe­cially if it’s fla­vored with a lit­tle coconut creamer… mmmm.…. Thanks for the encour­age­ment! I’m hav­ing fun with it. I hit a wall over the week­end because real life and sched­ules col­lided, but hope­fully I’ll catch up to goal this week.

  3. says

    Stephanie I am way behind and still read­ing Find­ing Eliza I imag­ine what ever you write it will be grand. The one thing I noticed about your novel is the instant con­nec­tion we read­ers have with the characters.

    I don’t have any props when I when I write. I need silence and that is hard to achieve when I work from my kitchen table lol.
    kath unsworth recently posted…I Need a HolidayMy Profile

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